We begin by gathering all the information we need about your company’s profile, culture, profit model and cost base.

We then study your wants and needs. Using our extensive knowledge of the real estate market, Facilities Management, health & safety, legal considerations, procurement, accountancy and cost control, we come up with the right solutions. Siims: adding value to your company.

What we offer
We have exceptional insight into:
- how the working environment can inspire and motivate staff to reach their company’s goals;
- how FM processes can be best integrated to improve quality and be more efficient;
- business principles such as activity-based costing, best value for money, operational excellence.

What we do
Siims has a broad base of real estate and facilities and interim management knowledge. We take on projects in all of the following areas, whether on a full-ownership basis or by guiding your employees to achieve your business aims.

We provide operational management advice and support in changing or modifying business operations. (Re)establishment of business operations in the following areas: overall organisation, financial, fiscal and administrative, corporate finance design, acquisition and divestiture, construction and renovation process supervision, management coaching.

Facility management
We are able to provide world-class facility management services: ensuring that the workplace is designed and organised in a way that enables your employees to focus on the company goals and their individual goals.

Real estate
We offer strategic housing policy advice and support: site acquisition and divestiture (both rented and owned), site surveys, concept development and implementation, sale & leaseback, financing and refinancing projects, construction and renovation supervision, dismantling processes, service cost analysis and assessment.